Alliance of Czech suppliers
for Nuclear Power Plants



  • Construction of the VVER units, upgrade and renovation of operating VVER units

(project management, detail design, safety analyses, research works, component manufacture, procurement, construction management, on-site installation, system testing and commissioning)

  • Production of equipment for VVER type NPPs

(control rod drive mechanisms, stud tensioners, hermetic cable penetrations, neutron flux measurement channels, fresh fuel components, termocouples)

  • Production of equipment for PWR and BWR type NPPs

(reactor internals, stud tensioners, special structures)



1965 – 1993 - 21 reactors of VVER 440 type (Paks, Bohunice, Dukovany, Nord, Mochovce) and 3 reactors of VVER 1000 type (Belene, Temelín);

2001 – 2016 - I & C System Refurbishment of Dukovany NPP

from 1980 – control rod drive mechanisms (more than 3000 pcs) – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria

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