Alliance of Czech suppliers
for Nuclear Power Plants



Since 1828 VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY has built an impressive reputation as an engineering partner with modern production facilities, with global reach and business visions that influence not only the Czech business environment, but also significantly interfere in foreign investment and the development of new projects. The flagship of the production is power engineering in both conventional and nuclear energy sectors as mentioned below:

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of coal power plants

VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY has experience with EPC projects, refurbishment of thermal power-plants and turnkey deliveries of subcritical boilers and pressure and pressure-less sections for supercritical boilers.
Supplies of components

Supplies of components Power Plant Engineering are based on the level of mastered know-how, potential of own production sources, design assurance of the branch and predicated trends – the market requirements.
Material treatment and processing equipment for coal power plants

Bulk material handling systems, dumping machines, crushers e.g. bucket-wheel stacker/reclaimer, bridgetype bucket-wheel reclaimer, bridge-type scraper, angle scrapers, homogenizing portal stacker, portal bucket loader reclaimer, ship loader, ship stacker, coal mills.
Mechanical installation of technologies, pressure and non-pressure parts of energy generation and regeneration boilers


• Manufacture, delivery and maintenance of pressure vessels for the primary circuit of nuclear power stations plants (including spare parts), especially steam generators, volume compensators pressurizers and piping systems for the primary circuit of VVER reactors
• Manufacture and delivery of pressure apparatuses of the secondary circuit of nuclear power plants, especially highpressure and low-pressure steam heaters and pressure piping for the secondary circuit
• Manufacture and delivery of dump condensers, condensate coolers, steam drums and other pressure and non-pressure apparatuses of nuclear power plants
• Deliveries and installations of heavy technological structures for the primary and secondary circuits of nuclear power plants of all types
• Deliveries of other equipment for nuclear power engineering e.g. reactor vessels, pressurizers, collectors, colons



1981-1985 JE Dukovany - 20 steam generators, 3 volume compensators
1986–1990 NPP Mochovce – 24 steam generators, 4 volume compensators
1986-1992 NPP Temelín - 8 steam generators, 2 volume compensators
2014 Kalininskaja – 4 HPH
2014-2015 Rostovskaja – 7 LPH
2015   Balakovskaja – 7 LPH tube bundles


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