Alliance of Czech suppliers
for Nuclear Power Plants


  • World-class control systems for conventional and nuclear power engineering and industrial processes
  • High-tech solutions for sophisticated technologies requiring a long life cycle applicable for robust as well as minor applications
  • SandRa - fourth generation of innovative, high quality control systems with an impact on safety and reliability of services
  • Control system suitable for all security classes of large nuclear reactors, small modular reactors and auxiliary part
  • Research, development, designing and manufacturing in the Czech Republic in accordance with customer needs followed by installation and services of supplies
  • More than 55 years of experiences, 55 000 supplies on 5 continents





131 working units in Europe and more than 28% has been delivered by ZAT:


Czech Republic: Temelin NPP (2x VVER 1000), Dukovany NPP (4x VVER 440), CV Řež - Research Reactor (LVR-15), CV Řež - Hot chambers

Slovakia: Jaslovske Bohunice NPP (4x VVER 440), Mochovce NPP (2x VVER 440)

Ukraine: South-Ukraine NPP (3x VVER 1000), Khmelnitskaya NPP (2x VVER 1000), Zaporizskaya NPP (3x VVER 1000), Rovenskaya NPP (4x VVER 1000)

France: Paluel NPP (4x PWR 1300), Cattenom NPP (4x PWR 1300), St. Alban NPP (2x PWR 1300)

Hungary: Paks NPP (4x VVER 440)

Armenian: Metsamor NPP (1x VVER 440) – In realization

Finland: Loviisa NPP (1x VVER 440) – In realization

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